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Brooke created May the Quartz Be with You to provide a sacred space for everyone to not only shop the best metaphysical tools, but to also provide support on your unique spiritual path. Through her array of services such as card readings, astrology sessions, and energy healings, Brooke aims to guide clients into the most luminous aspects of their soul. All of the products provided in this shop are chosen with the highest intention and curated in an ethical manner. It is here where you will discover so much magick in the form of some of the greatest gifts which the earth provides us.

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Illuminate Your Source Energy *Oracle*

the crystal queen behind MtQBwY

Meet Brooke

May the Quartz Be with You was first created as a space for Brooke to document her spiritual journey back in 2014.

In 2019, Brooke expanded MtQBwY to include this metaphysical gift shop with the intention to share more high vibrational tools. It has since become a sacred space for her global Crystal Squad to connect during weekly live sales and learn more about holistic healing.

Our Crystal Squad
Our Crystal Squad
If I could give 10 stars, I would! Brooke is one of the most amazing souls that I have ever had the privilege of crossing paths with! She is the most amazing at finding the most beautiful crystals, that just find their home with whom they belong! I am so grateful that I have Brooke and her amazing self in my life. I can guarantee, you can trust her for everything you need!!! ❤️
— Tamlynn H
Our Crystal Squad
Highly recommend MTQBWY! 100% Only quality crystals, ethically sourced! Amazing! I completely recommend Brooke for your next card reading and for some amazing crystals! One of my favorite people ever!
— Shannon R
Our Crystal Squad
Beautiful site to get your fave crystal 💜 I absolutely love joining Brooke and her beautiful live sales on Fridays! If you cannot find the exact crystal you’re looking for, Brooke will connect with her multiple suppliers all over the world to find your perfect choice. She’s a most amazing soul who only wants to attend to your crystal needs and provide the biggest love! I’ve been blessed to get the most unique pieces from her 🙏💜
— Jane G
Our Crystal Squad
MtQBwY's pieces always shock me with their beauty in real life. Brooke is a gem too!
— Gwenn S
Our Crystal Squad
Brooke is simply the best; quick shipping and customer service is 1000000%
— Jenifer P
Our Crystal Squad
I love to shop with Brooke for QUALITY crystals. You want the clear energies, she’s got that <3
— Danielle H
Our Crystal Squad
OMG!! Brooke is AMAZING!! Not only is she my crystal guru she's also now my official natal birth chart reader. She is such a wealth of knowledge! Took time to explain things, even the tiniest details, and how they correlated with each other. Stars, moon, planets, houses...all of it!! Brooke is a true gem 💎
— Laura G
Our Crystal Squad
My absolute favorite place to buy crystals! Brooke is great and provides you with only the best!
— Melissa H
Our Crystal Squad
Quality, Kindness. Variety. She’s the best!! Her crystals are even better!
— Kathie A
Our Crystal Squad
Best quality crystals, best prices, but the best thing of all is the friendship with Brooke!
— Vanessa O

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