“Who’s that girl?”

Brooke Alexandra Rosenblum-Perrucci is a certified spiritual life coach and advanced crystal healer. She walks these paths as a transformational guide, holistic practitioner, shamanic sound alchemist, an oracle, astrologer, and as well, a portrait photographer!

Brooke lives to serve others through her various offerings and services under the umbrella of MtQBwY. Through her own healing journey, she has discovered many ways to illuminate her source energy and shines in her ability to show her community how to do the same.


A Few Fun Facts:

Astrology: Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, Aries Rising (+ 5 planets in Capricorn!)

Clifton Strengths top 5: Positivity, Empathy, Activator, Futuristic, WOO

Human Design: 6/2 Generator

Meyers Briggs 16 Personalities: ENFJ-A, The Protagonist

DISC Personality – *I*

Numerology: Life Path #5 | Expression #7


Street Cred

∴   Duel entrepreneur; Founder, Owner, and Operator of Brooke Rosenblum Photography + May the Quartz Be with You

∴   Certified Dharma/Spiritual Life Coach through Dharma Coaching Institute

∴   Certified Advanced Crystal Healer through Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

∴   Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Metaphysics

∴   Trained in classical vocal performance and shamanic sound healing

∴   Skilled essential oil alchemist

∴   Formally trained and well versed in Western Astrology

∴   1:1 mentoring and Lemurian Priestess training with Rakai’el of Soul Star Medicine

∴   Over 5 years accumulative experience with two plant-based lifestyle brands in New York City and Miami Beach as a Marketing Manager~Branding Guru and General Manager

∴   Past experience includes but is not limited to: Co-founding Moon Magick Miami – A monthly donation-based moon circle experience that shared proceeds with aligned organizations and non-profits • PR Intern for Wenner Media (Rolling Stone & US Weekly Magazine) • Assistant to a world renowned interior designer in Mount Kisco, NY • PR Intern for a best-selling author • Assistant to an Employment Agency owner • Marketing & advertising rep for a NYC-based bicycle company • several years hostessing experience in two of New York City’s most well known restaurants » It’s all relevant and rad because I learned a hella lot about customer service!

∴   Graduated with honors in one of South Florida’s most prestigious performing arts magnet programs (as a Starlight Singer)