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Yay! I am over the moon excited for you to have and hold these brilliant gifts of the earth. The mineral kingdom has so much wisdom and energy to share with us. Working in collaboration with your new little friends can be a simple process, but I’ll share below some of my personal tips for integrating them into your home and into your heart! There are many methods out there, so take what you want and leave the rest 😉  

  • Please note that not all stones can be cleansed with water. Please check their Mohs hardness to see if they can withstand it! You are more safe with crystal, like quartz, when it comes to physically cleaning with water unless you are sure that the stone you have is one that can withstand a little bath!
  • I personally don’t spend so much time worry about cleaning my crystals with water; only when I take trips to fresh running water will I bring some of my most beloved crystals for a fresh water refresher! I do agree that they sparkle a bit more and having the high amount of negative ions present when nearby a running stream, brook, or river, is so beneficial for not only the crystal but myself! Love it! 
  • There are many methods which involve soaking, salt water, rice, sunshine, moonshine, sage etc. I won’t be the one to tell you what to do or not to do, but just as I learned many years ago from my own mentor, Hibiscus Moon, messing with minerals in such ways can expose them to the elements in ways that can actually be harmful! As an example, some crystals are UV sensitive; I never leave Amethyst in sunlight for long periods of time because it can literally lose its purple coloring!
  • My go-to method is more in alignment with re-tuning. Yes, like an instrument! Acoustic vibrational frequency (sound) is not only practical, but definitely most effective! You can use any type of high amplitude sound (higher than the crystal) like a crystal singing bowl or tuning fork. Don't have one? You can use a radio with a loudspeaker, or even your voice, just tone loudly and sing to your new little beauty! Intention is key!
  • Sound moves in all directions and helps moves the atoms around so that your crystal can reset itself to its own base resonant frequency / dominant oscillatory rate, which basically means it’s natural vibration.
  • After retuning your precious gem, you can go ahead and connect with it by programming it: Close your eyes and hold it to either your third eye or heart. In these moments you can visualize what type of connection you wish to have and how it can assist you in your healing or ascension process. You can also state an affirmation out loud but make sure to frame it in present tense (not using words like “I wish”, but do use “I am.”) Doing this will work with the subconscious and align you even further with those affirmations in your physical reality!
  • Whatever you choose to do, weave your own heart and unique mode of expression into it because that will be the most powerful form of magick. Copying what someone else said or did will not hold as much weight and the whole point of programming is to connect deeply with this magical BEing of the earth. Make it personal and fun! It is your own ritual and ceremony to create.
  • Once you feel it is complete, you can connect with your stone by wearing it, laying it on your body, or keeping it close to you in environments that you are frequently in. The more that you interact with it, the more you will be able to clearly define how it has worked on your energy body! Enjoy the process!  

Thank you for shopping with us! So much love <3 

Crystal Blessings